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Telling the story of WFAPA—how it came to be, how it has grown and changed over the years—is always a worth-while task. If no one ever stops to remember “what happened” way back when, WFAPA has lost a valuable piece of its identity. And once the memory is gone, it is all but impossible to recover. Every day, we’re building on our legacy with the goal of making an even greater impact in the future. 


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Mid 1950s

  • Foster Parent Organizations began to appear in Wisconsin.

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January  1971

  • Mary Reistroffer, well–known in the state for her work with foster parents, was instrumental in much of the initial operation of the organization.

  • A Steering Committee was formed.

  • Simultaneously, the first National Foster Parents Meeting was being set in Chicago.

  • Mary Reistroffer was elected to serve as Interim Chairperson

April 20, 1971

  • The Federation was declared formed and a rough draft of the Constitution and By-Laws would serve as guidelines for the operation until the start of the membership year on October 1, 1971.

May 7-9, 1971

  • Approximately 20 Wisconsinites attended the First National Conference of Foster Parents at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago.

October 16, 1971 

  • The First Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Federation of Foster Parent Organizations was held at the Moravian Church in Wisconsin Rapids. Officers elected were: President - Kenneth Brost, Madison; Vice President - Lee Adams, Eau Claire; Secretary - James Wen, Oregon; and Treasurer - Sophie Henry, Oakfield.

May 5-7, 1972

  • The Second National Conference of Foster Parents was held in Denver and was attended by ore than 30 foster parents and 6 social workers.

september 20-21, 1972

  • Two identical 2nd Annual Foster Family Care Conferences were held: one in Milwaukee and the other in Wausau. Officers elected were: President– Carl Jones, Mazomanie; Vice–President– Robert Rauscher, Schofield; Secretary– Robert Rickaby, Green Bay; and Treasurer– Jean Roszina.

"Act as if what

you do makes 

a difference.

It does!"

april 28, 1973

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  • Quilt Stories was created and is dedicated to all the children who have suffered from abuse and neglect.

  • The inspiration for this under taking began following foster care involvement and heartache.

  • As you read, their stories are compelling, some of success, some of heart break, some are on-going, but all are children wanting a good home, to be loved, and to know there is someone who cares just for them. All of the stories shared the turmoil, the uncertainty, and obstacles the children, birth families and some foster/adoptive families encountered. This made the Tumbling Block, the quilt block of choice for this project.

  • FASPP (Foster and Adoption Support and Preservation Program) received the Governor's Award for Outstanding Program Development.


  • FASPP (Foster and Adoption Support and Preservation Program) was created.

  • FASPP was developed to:

    • Support those foster and/or adoptive parents who are under investigation due to allegations of abuse and/or neglect.

    • Give the caller an accurate timeline of events during the investigation.

    • Offer a connection to someone who will listen.

    • Offer a chance to vent your emotions in a safe and healthy way.

    • Offer avenues to explore in regards to training, conferences, and tip sheets.

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