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WFAPA LOGO_edited_edited.png

WFAPA is a peer driven association that offers  training, education

and support to all foster and adoptive families.

We strive to collaborate with all other agencies that wish to work together for the

purposes hereinafter set forth:

  • To promote and enhance mutual coordination and communication among foster and adoptive parents, foster and adoptive parent associations,  child welfare agencies to improve services to foster and adoptive families, and in particular to foster and adoptive children.

  • To be the collective voice for all foster and adoptive parent local organizations.

  • To be the collective voice for  all foster and adoptive children in the State of Wisconsin.

  • To promote a positive depiction of foster and adoptive parents and foster and adoptive children by educating the public and the legislative assemblies regarding the vast needs of children in foster and adoptive care. 

  • To encourage the recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive parents,  foster and adoptive parent associations,  and child welfare agencies.

  • To advocate for state laws and local associations’ policies to better meet the needs of foster and adoptive children.

  • To provide a network of support through community education, communication and camaraderie to foster and adoptive families  as they are challenged to meet the needs of the children in their care. 

  • Offers conferences two times a year. 

  • Publishes four newsletters a year. 

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