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Quilt Stories

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This project is dedicated to all the children who have suffered from abuse and neglect.

The last block is left blank to remember these children who have suffered and died; those not protected by the system.

The inspiration for this under taking began following foster care involvement and heartache. It seemed fitting to share stories of other children in the foster care system, so each county in the State of Wisconsin was contacted. A quilt block was sent with a request for a drawing from a child in foster care or adopted along with their story.

One thing led to another, and we felt there needed to be an awareness to the multitude of children brought into the system, some background of how they came into the system and their experiences while in the system.

As you read, their stories are compelling, some of success, some of heart break, some are on-going, but all are children wanting a good home, to be loved, and to know there is someone who cares just for them. All of the stories shared the turmoil, the uncertainty, and obstacles the children, birth families and some foster/adoptive families encountered. This made the Tumbling Block, the quilt block of choice for this project.

We hope you will take some time to look at the drawings and read their stories.

We owe them as a society, as human beings, to care for these children-sooner than later. The system statistics of successes seem to be inconsistent with the stories told here. Please contact your State Senator, Representatives, the Governor and local government to seek needed reforms and guidelines to make true success stories.

There are over a half million children every day in foster care in the United States finding shelter from abuse. There are many, many children waiting for a loving, safe family to call their own. Please consider opening your heart and home.

For more information, contact your county adoption agencies, the Wisconsin Foster and Adoptive Parents Association www.wfapa.org or the state adoption resource center.

If you or your organization would like to borrow the quilt and the stories that go along with it for a display, please contact:

Melinda Kasch
8912 Sadler Dr.
Wind Lake, WI 53185
Phone: (262) 895-2652 



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