Wisconsin Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, Inc.

Wisconsin Foster and Adoptive 

Parent Association, Inc.

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About Us/Acerca de Nosotros

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 WFAPA is a peer and volunteer-based organization that supports and advocates for foster and adoptive parents by offering training, support program and helps to create and support different legislative measures with our fellow representatives in Madison. 

WFAPA's conferences bring in highly qualified speakers who help educate on how to handle or better understand tough issues.

WFAPA conferences reach a statewide population, and WFAPA encourages networking amongst foster and adoptive parents.  You never know who might just have an answer for you!  

WFAPA also educates the public and brings a more positive light to foster and adoptive parenting through stories in different areas of the media (including radio, newspapers, etc.) and through our quilt, which tells the stories of several children.


WFAPA es una organizaci�n basada en el compa�erismo y en el voluntariado que apoya y defiende a los padres de crianza y adoptivos, ofreciendo cursos de formaci�n, un programa de apoyo, y ayuda para crear y dar apoyo a las diferentes medidas legislativas de nuestros representantes en Madison. 

Las conferencias WFAPA traen a ponentes altamente cualificados que ayudan a educar sobre c�mo manejar o entender mejor las cuestiones dif�ciles.

Las conferencias WFAPA se enfocan a una poblaci�n a nivel estatal, y WFAPA alienta a la creaci�n de redes entre padres de crianza y adoptivos. �Nunca se sabe qui�n podr�a tener una respuesta para usted!  

WFAPA tambi�n educa al p�blico y aporta una luz m�s positiva para los padres de crianza y adoptivos por medio de historias en diferentes �reas de los medios de comunicaci�n (incluida la radio, los peri�dicos, etc.), y a trav�s de nuestra ?colcha?, la cual cuenta las historias de varios ni�os.  

Other Supported Organizations / Otras Organizaciones que Apoyamos



Surviving Allegations of

Abuse and Neglect


SAAN is a peer driven support network.  The purpose of which is to minimize the trauma of foster and adoptive families while undergoing an allegation without compromising the integrity of that investigation.  

Foster parents welcome children into their home that bring their histories and issues along with them.  For this reason, foster parents are at a higher risk of someday having an allegation against them.

Undergoing an investigation is a stressful and scary situation for anyone, whether or not the investigation is substantiated.

SAAN is here to help provide information to support you throughout the investigation proces. 

To contact SAAN:


Click on SAAN or FASP or

Call  FASPP Volunteer 



Foster and Adoptive Support and Preservation Program




Surviving Allegations of

Abuse and Neglect


SAAN es una red de apoyo basada en el compañerismo. Su propósito es minimizar el trauma de las familias de crianza y adoptivas mientras se ven sometidas a una acusación sin comprometer la integridad de la investigación. 

Los padres de crianza acogen a niños en su casa que traen consigo historias y asuntos.  Por esta razón, los padres adoptivos se encuentran en un mayor riesgo de tener algún día una denuncia en su contra.

Estar bajo investigación es una situación estresante y aterradora, tanto si la investigación está fundamentada como si no.

SAAN está aquí para ayudar a ofrecerle información de apoyo durante la totalidad del proceso de investigación.

 Para contactar con SAAN:


Haga clic en SAAN o en FASPP o

Llame a un Voluntario de FASPP (para ayuda en español, pregunte por Alfredo en el (715) 342 0819.



Foster and Adoptive Support and Preservation Program

Foster & Adoptive Support & Preservation Program is a peer driven volunteer network designed to help YOU.  FASPP is an outreach of the SAAN program which is connected to WFAPA. Its highly trained volunteers are here to help you navigate the frontier that is foster care and adoption.

FASPP was developed to support those foster and/or adoptive parents who are under investigation due to allegations of abuse and/or neglect.  The program is designed to give the caller an accurate timeline of events during the investigation, a connection to someone who will listen, and a chance to vent your emotions in a safe and healthy way.  FASPP is not a legal entity and no legal advice will be given by the volunteers.  FASSP can also offer avenues to explore in regards to training, conferences, and tip sheets.

You can contact the FASPP volunteers listed below by phone or email.

Manda (good guidance in working with teen boys)
715-421-1367, or email emtsmile@hotmail.com

Melissa (advice on fostering younger children, not adoption)
715-735-7124, or email mlbutor@hotmail.com

Joanne (Native American fostering issues and giver of motherly
advice) 715-234-1606, or email JPaulson6263@charter.net


WFAPA Timeline



Mid– 1950s — Foster parent organizations began to appear in Wisconsin


January 1971 — Mary Reistroffer, well–known in the state for her work with foster parents, was instrumental in much of the initial operation of the organization.


• A Steering Committee was formed.

• Simultaneously, the first National Foster Parents Meeting was being set in Chicago

• Mary Reistroffer was elected to serve as Interim Chairperson


April 20, 1971 — The Federation was declared formed and a rough draft of the Constitution and By–Laws would serve as guidelines for operation until the start of the membership year on October 1, 1971.


May 7 – 9, 1971 — Approximately 20 Wisconsinites attended the First National Conference of Foster Parents at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago.


October 16, 1971 — The First Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Federation of Foster Parent Organizations was held at the Moravian Church in Wisconsin Rapids. Officers elected were: President– Kenneth Brost, Madison; Vice–President– Lee Adams,Eau Claire; Secretary– James Wen, Oregon; and Treasurer– Sophie Henry, Oakfield.


May 5 – 7 — The Second National Conference of Foster Parents was held in Denver and was attended by more than 30 foster parents and 6 social workers.


September 20 – 21, 1972 — Two identical 2nd Annual Foster Family Care Conferences were held: one in Milwaukee and the other in Wausau. Officers elected were: President– Carl Jones, Mazomanie; Vice–President– Robert Rauscher, Schofield; Secretary– Robert Rickaby, Green Bay; and Treasurer– Jean Roszina.

March 2010 - FASPP (Foster and Adoption Support and Preservation Program) 


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