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We will soon be posting details about the WFAPA Conference, to take place in Spring of 2015. 

Typical onference registration fees for a Conference are $65 per person (WFAPA members) and $75 per person (non-members).  Membership dues are only $7 per year per family and can be paid via Paypal at the same time as Conference Registration fees.  Some counties and agencies pay dues for their families, but many do not.  This information is subject to being updated without any type of forewarning.

PAYMENT BY CHECK FOR A CONFERENCE: Once you print and fill out the registration form (see our newsletter) please mail it with your check to the below address of Tina Christopherson.  You may also click on the PayPal button below as a method to purchase your seat at the conference.  All you need is a credit card.


Please print proof of payment and MAIL it along with your registration form to Tina Christopherson 2616 Parkridge Ave Marinette, WI 54143 Thank you!

There is no need at all of becoming PayPal account holders when you prepay WFAPA via PayPal.  The above registration fee does NOT include hotel room. For hotel reservation details click here. If you opt for PayPal, don't forget to print the payment confirmation slip and on the final screen and clip it to your completed registration form before you mail it.



Regarding meals at the conference you MUST PRE-REGISTER.

If you have dietary restrictions, please contact Tina Christopherson at (715) 938-6667 or email

If you wish to purchase an additional banquet meal or additional banquet meals, click right below and enter the dollar amount equivalent to the number of meals you wish.  I.e.: one meal = $20; two meals = $40.  


All payment slips and registration forms need to be mailed by no later than (to be updated). A $20 penalty fee will be assessed per invalid check. If you decide to register for the conference between xx and xx, the only accepted payment method will be PayPal. Please contact us using the Contact link on the home page if you register after [to be updated] so that a meal and materials are available for you at the conference! 

Hotel Information. Contact them now to book your reservation: BOOK HERE

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